Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Sweet Girl

Well it has been another week. Good in that we did not have any doctor appointments, but hard because we are now officially on the MDCP program. What does that mean. MDCP - medically disable children program, a great program, but I never thought that I would have a child that needed it. I did not even know about such programs 6 months ago. It has been alot of work and so many hoops and then the final realization that your child qualifies for it. It is so hard to think about the future and how it will be so different for her than what I had planned. I only hope that she will be happier soon and that we can keep her comfortable. I think that this is one of the things that bothers me most. She is not happy so much of the time and I so want her to be. I want to make sure that she is not hurting. The more seizures that she has the more unhappy she seems - It has improved with the seizure medicine and we continue to work with the doctors and adjust things. I hold hard her and kiss her, as does my husband, her brother, along with the rest of our family and friends. She is so loved. I pray everyday that it would be me and not her. I know that our wonderful Lord has great plans and can do great things, and I also see that we are all being refined, but there are times when I can only beg for mercy. Thank you all for continuing to pray, it is what helps me make it through each day.
Next week should be better! We have two more weeks till spring break - a week to see family and a week with no therapy, a week with no appointments or schedules.

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