Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sz update & Botox appt

Well, It is Wednesday and we are still having more sz activity, but it is better than yesterday. We spoke to her neuro doc and he feels that this is just part of it all. He had told us from the start that he was expecting to see new and ever changing sz activity, but I was hoping for more than just 2 months of good control. We have increased her sz meds and hopefully that will help. If not, we will be going back to the hospital for another EEG and change the meds.

Botox! Well, not yet. We had our first appt with physical medicine today and she has given us baclofen for 1 month then we will go back and probably do Botox at that time. The great news is that the doctor is wonderful. We fell that we are on the right track and at the right place.

Thank you all for the continued prayers!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prayer request - seizures

Good Morning - It has been a long night, Molly has been having more seizures. I am not sure if it is from all the travel or just this horrible brain problem. We were told to expect ever changing seizure activity, but things had gotten so much better on the Keppra (we are still on a low dose) - I was hoping that we would not have these worries for a bit longer. We will be speaking with neuro for additional plans, but I know it is the power of prayer that gives us the most relief. Please pray for her comfort and healing. With love! T

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break in Amarillo

So my mother is done with her treatment and we all headed to Amarillo for spring break. My parents picked up my brother's three kids on the way down and it has been a noisy house full. I think Molly enjoys all the noise and attention she gets from the kids. It has also been nice not having any appointments or therapies for a week!
This next week we will be back to all the work. We even have our first appointment to get botox (for Molly - no me). It will hopefully relax some of her tone.
Thank you all for the continued prayers!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Making more noise

MOlly has been having a good week. She seems to be "talking" more, which we love. She also seems to be doing better in therapy. We will take every good day that we get!
My mother only has a couple more days of radiation therapy left and then she is hopefully done with all of the therapy that she will ever need for her cancer. She had a set of clear scans last week and we do not have to go back until July!
My mother-in-law is still getting treatments but doing well!
Thank you all for the prayers - they are working!
PS - Pray that my dad decides that it would be great to move to McKinney. He gets mad anytime anyone suggest it, but I can't help but believe this is where they should be. They will keep their trailer down here and split their time between Amarillo as long as Molly still needs help with her care.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

laughing baby

There is nothing in the world as wonderful as a child laughing. We have found that we can now get Molly to laugh when we bounce her on a knee or lay her on her back and move her legs quickly but gently. We gather around her and laugh with her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bottle time

One last prayer request - please pray that Molly will start taking and loving the bottle! We are weak and she wins when we try to be tough and switch her over.

Prayer list

So several of you have asked lately what to pray for - first of all, thank you for every prayer.
For Molly - We need that miracle, modern medicine has no answers for us, so it is totally in God's hands. I know that it would be so easy for him to do this, but I don't know if it is his plan. Please pray that no matter what his plan, that she will be comfortable and happy. We ask him to help her grow and develop.
For us (Kelly, Brighton and me) - pray for strength. Please pray that we can joyfully accept his plan and see how he provides. Please pray for healing of our hearts. My heart still breaks so many times each day and I continue to struggle with the why - I know that I will never understand while I am on this side of heaven, but he does say that he will make things work for good. I do also find joy each day when I see her smile and hear her make sweet little sounds.
Thank you all! We love you and we are so thankful for our friends.