Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Making more noise

MOlly has been having a good week. She seems to be "talking" more, which we love. She also seems to be doing better in therapy. We will take every good day that we get!
My mother only has a couple more days of radiation therapy left and then she is hopefully done with all of the therapy that she will ever need for her cancer. She had a set of clear scans last week and we do not have to go back until July!
My mother-in-law is still getting treatments but doing well!
Thank you all for the prayers - they are working!
PS - Pray that my dad decides that it would be great to move to McKinney. He gets mad anytime anyone suggest it, but I can't help but believe this is where they should be. They will keep their trailer down here and split their time between Amarillo as long as Molly still needs help with her care.

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