Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prayer list

So several of you have asked lately what to pray for - first of all, thank you for every prayer.
For Molly - We need that miracle, modern medicine has no answers for us, so it is totally in God's hands. I know that it would be so easy for him to do this, but I don't know if it is his plan. Please pray that no matter what his plan, that she will be comfortable and happy. We ask him to help her grow and develop.
For us (Kelly, Brighton and me) - pray for strength. Please pray that we can joyfully accept his plan and see how he provides. Please pray for healing of our hearts. My heart still breaks so many times each day and I continue to struggle with the why - I know that I will never understand while I am on this side of heaven, but he does say that he will make things work for good. I do also find joy each day when I see her smile and hear her make sweet little sounds.
Thank you all! We love you and we are so thankful for our friends.

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