Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prayer request for the week

Molly is on baclofen for her high tone - not sure if it is helping or hurting at this point. Please pray that the medicines work for her and that her tone gets better and that she does not hurt.
Molly's seizures seem to be under control for now which is a big praise! (as big as taking a bottle)!
Molly has gained a pound and now is 14lb 5oz! This is great, but we are still not on the growth chart. We need to grow and we need for her oral motor skills to improve. We got the lecture yesterday about how she can loose her ablity to suck and her oral skills are a big issure. God can fix this! (we also have some exercises to try)
Pray for the rest of us - Me finding the right job and to see the joy everyday. Kelly to stay strong - he is my rock and of course sweet, wonderful Brighton! He keeps me going. He is so full of love and such a tender soul. This week has been a big one for him - he COMPLETED his 90 day BIBLE!!!!!!!! He has grown so much this past year! He also received his brown belt in Karate last night. WOW, I am so proud and still so concerned about him. I know that he wants everything for his sister.
The last thing that I will ask for (today) is for my parents. My mom is doing well with her treatment - her leg is almost healed! She is also ready to move - BUT my dad is not yet. He get mad anytime someone suggest that they move (it is always a bd idea if it is my idea or my mom's) So I ask that God changes his mind and that someone will come along and want to buy their home in Amarillo. I truely could not have made it this far on our journey if they had not been staying down here. I know that this is where they need to be. They maybe helping to care for us now, but it is only a matter of time before I will need to be taking care of them.

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  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know God is working in your lives. I pray for your strength and for peace. One step at a time!