Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Half Way Mark and ready for August

I can not believe that it is already the end of March! I am one year older, I am not sure any wiser, but for sure older. This last Thursday we had our 20 week ultrasound and all continues to look good (we have been going every 2 weeks for ultrasounds). We have known for about 5 weeks now that we are having a little boy. I still really miss my little girl and was hoping to have another sweet girl, but will be happy with a healthy boy. I hope that he is as fat and fun as his big brother was, with a loving spirit. I have also been doing some therapy shopping for blue items. My blood work also continues to look good - I have a Big E antibody with this pregnacy, which means they check titer levels every few weeks to watch the titer level and requent looks a baby to watch for signs of anemia. I just have to believe that it will all be fine and just gives us a reason to see this little boy all the time with ultrasounds (which does keep my stress level lower). God still has a twisted way of giving us what we need sometimes.

Yes, we do have a name also, at least the first name - Brecken. Brighton and I still like Andrew for the middle name, but Kelly is not sold yet.

As far as the other things in my life - my mother is doing well. My parents were just down in Dallas to visit us and for my mother to repeat her CT scans. She is now moved out to every 6 months for CT scan and still every 3 months for the MRI of her leg. She is still cancer free and doing well. My parents are getting ready to go on a 3 week cruise in April - they have to get traveling in prior to August.

Thank you all for all of the continued prayers. We know that it is the grace of God that helps us make it every day. I still cry most days, but I am so thankful for all the amazing friends that keep me strong and give me hope.

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