Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our New Arrival

Welcome to the World Sweet Brecken. I have to admit that I have been very bad about posting updates. It is a bit late, but Brecken arrived on July 22, 2011! this was early but he has done very well! He is now at home and we are enjoying sleepless nights! We compare him to Molly so much - he is already donig so many things that she never did. We have shed a number of tears of joy and sadness also. He looks so much like she did, but is so different. I had forgotten how easy a healthy baby could be. I am just so thankful for the little things. To see how relaxed he is when he sleeps, to see a sweet smile and to have a baby that lifts his head. The small things that seemed so hard, they are so easy. He is a true gift of healing, no a replacement.

We love you Brecken and we miss you Molly! I have to believe that she is here with us, watching over her little brother also!

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