Friday, June 6, 2014

5 years!
It is so amazing what can happen over 5 years.  It is coming up quickly on June 9th – a very special day, Molly’s birthday.  This time of year is filled with reflection more than any other.  May to July is hard, but better than last year and much better than the year before. 

My sweet girl should have been 5, of course, she should have also been born without all of the issues that she was.  It has been just under 4 years since she went to be with Jesus. 

Since then, we have added 2 more family members to our clan, we have seen our mother battle and win against cancer, lost a best friend to cancer, been thru a couple of jobs, seen our oldest grow in so many ways, seen the Lord provide in ways that I could have never imagined and have learned to laugh again.  Live goes by in a flash, especially then good time (the bad time seem to last much longer).  I am so glad that I have an amazing God that can heal.  

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