Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy upcoming week

I have to say that I am already so tired and the week hasn't started. Last week was very long and hard. Molly is having more seizures, so we have increased her meds and will see her neuro on Tuesday. I am very grateful that they will work us in anytime we need it. Molly has also pretty much given up eatting and drinking over the past two weeks. This has been heartbreaking and we spend hours each day trying to get her to drink. She has just lost all interest (we were warned about this happening due to the brain injury). Until this last week we were not going to consider a G-tube. I really hate the idea of having to feed my baby this way. I keep asking God why!
I am so sad, heart broken and mad. I wonder what our future will hold and want to protect her from everything that I can. Kelly says that he can't stand her not eatting any long so we will probably have the tube placed this week.
We also are scheduled for our first course of botox this week. This will hopefully relax her leg muscles and she will be able to rest a bit more.
We will see - This week will be something for sure.

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