Saturday, May 29, 2010

Botox and ortho

Another week of doctor appointment and new potential problems. We finally had our first course of botox on Wednesday! I was expecting to see results the next day, but no, it takes about 3 weeks to really see how well she will do. I know, be patient - but I hate that.
Thursday we saw the ortho doctor for the first time. I already knew in my heart that we were having hip problems, but now we have the x-ray to prove it. The good news is that her right hip looks good, bad news is that her left hip is not forming. We had been told about this potential problem from the time that she was 4 months old. It is a result of her high tone and not being able to sit, or walk or crawl. The body is so amazing with how it all works together and develops and it is so sad to see that process be interupted.
The ortho doctor has ordered us a brace that will be here next week - this is good timing with the botox, it will allow us to see if she will even be able to wear the brace. If her legs are not loose enough to fit into the brace by 3 weeks, we will have to go to surgery. If we are able to get into the brace then we need to wear it 20 hours a day and we will see it that will do the trick or if we will be going to surgery. We know down the road that her back will be an issue, but that is down the road, so not worring about that now.
We also saw the GI doctor and he was happy with how she looks. So that is good!
Molly also has 2 more teeth peeking out. These are the top 2! She is also loving the warm weathter and we have been spending time outside sitting on the porch, enjoying the heat.
Thank you all for the continued prayers.

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  1. I'm glad Miss Molly's letting you get outside a bit. Hope you're loving your new job.