Friday, June 4, 2010

School is out!

Brighton is on top of the world - done with 5th grade and ready for summer! He made all A's and 100's on all his taks test. He his getting ready for church camp - his first sleep away camp. This summer is going to be a great one for the little boy!
This past few days have been hot at the house - the AC is out, but we are grateful that we can go upstairs to sleep where it is cool. We hope to be fixed by Saturday - we will see - but I was thinking how wonderful it is to live in a place that we have air conditioning. Even many of our poor have cool are here. I am so glad to be in the US!
Molly has had a fair week - no doctor visits, always nice! We can't tell that the Botox has done any good yet, but we still have some time. Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers!

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