Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer is here

Well we are 2 weeks into the wonderful summer and it is hot. Brighton has been to 2 camps already - one away camp and one here. He had a great time at both and is enjoying sleeping late and not having any class to attend. He is also going to the gym with his dad some which is also wonderful.

Molly is having more problems with her hip. I wish day after day that I could just fix it and may the pain go away. It is clear that the Botox did not help her legs at all and we do not plan to try again. We have scheduled an appt. at UTMB with a doctor that does a special surgery that will hopefully help her legs basically go from high tone to low tone. Then we might be able to get her into the brace for her hips. If we can't do the surgery in Galveston or if it does not work then we will have a surgery in Dallas that will cut some of the muscles in her groin, but with that one she will have to be cast for 6 weeks. Please pray for her hip and that the less invasive procedure works and Molly stops hurting.

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