Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our last day in Italy and my boys are lost

Well, it has been a very interesting day. I have made it back to the hotel room and it is after 10pm, but my husband and son are still at least 2 hours away.

The day started very well. We went on a small group tour to Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. We started at 0645 from our hotel with 1 other couple and our guide in a very nice van. We made a quick stop about an hour after starting the trip to grab a quick breakfast and bathroom break, then on to the ruins. It takes a bit over 2 hours to make it here. We joined the other small group of 7 that was with the same tour company for a private tour of the ruins. It was wonderful and so amazing that this place even had indoor plumbing. After the wonders of Pompeii, we head towards a coast town for lunch on the beach, and some shopping. Positano is a lovely, expensive little town. We were running a bit behind at this point due to heavy traffic on the tiny twisting road here. From here we continue on down the Amalfi coast and to the town of Amalfi. It was like an amazing roller coaster ride on this very narrow road, so glad that Max our driver is an expert. We start our trip back to Rome at 6 pm, knowing that we will get in late, but that is OK. Brighton says this may have been his favorite day and loved the sites. The trip was going well, but I did think how awful it would be to have a flat tire on this crazy road with cliffs on one side and mountain on the other. This did not happen, but after we had passed Naples on the way back to Rome, we pulled off the road to a very nice Aero Grill – like a truck stop, snacks, and bathrooms and are very well lit with nice places to sit. We were again joined by the other tour group and a very sad to find out that our van has broken down. (Kelly was sitting in the front and said that about 10 minutes before we turned off, we had been going fast but then slowed down quite a bit – he thought it was just a speed limit change, but not so lucky). After many phone calls and about a 30 minute wait it is decided that I will go in the other van in the 1 free spot that they have left. I will go to the hotel and pack so we will be ready to leave at 4AM. Kelly, Brighton, the other two ladies that we were with (a mother and daughter that did not want to be broken up) along with Max the driver will stay and wait for another driver to come and get them. It is over 1 ½ hours from Rome to get to the station and then they will have to make the trip (at least 3 hours, if things go right).

The good news is that I when I made it to the hotel, the driver told me that they should be on the way soon. The bad news is that I will be anxious until they make it here and we are all going to be SO tired in the morning.

I ask that you all keep us in your prayers. First of all that the boys make it back here soon! I really hate being separated in a different country with no cell phones. Second, that we make it all the way home as planned. We are set to arrive at 315 PM Sunday and can hardly wait to be in our own beds, but most importantly want to be safe and together.

Love ya’ll,

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