Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good news and bad news

Well, we spent a long night at Medical City Dallas on the Epilepsy floor with Molly hooked up to an EEG and being recorded. We had to stay in a small area with her always facing the camera. She did great, but really hated having the leads glued to her head for the test (check out Kelly's facebook to see the pics).
The good news is that she did not have any of the speicific seizures that we were worried about. The bad news is that she did have some seizure activity, but it is much more easily treated than infantile spasms. We will discuss a treatment plan on Friady morning after the doctor has had more time to look over the entire EEG.
We will go to see the developmental doctor on Thursday and will discuss her growth again along with some cardiac concerns. We have decided that we just need to get all the test done and out of the way. It seems that every couple of weeks there is a new problem and both Kelly and I are so tired. I think we have both hit bottom and are just ready for the Lord to pick us up. I know that there is a plan and he has a wonderful plan, but sometimes it is a hard road getting there.
I want to thank you all for the prayers and warm wishes. It is our friends and family that have got us this far and that will continue to help us along.
Brighton is doing the best of us all. He is becoming such a responsible helper and is such a joy! He is reading the 90 day bible along with me. It is wonderful to see him grow into such a great person (even though I know that the teenage years will derail some of the sweet factor). I know that he will have a great base for his entire life because of the trials of this past year.
We love you all

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  1. I'm so relieved she doesn't have the infantile spasms. I was hopeful when you had to spend the night that that was good news. We'll be praying about Molly's heart and each test as it comes up.

    I am so proud of Brighton that he's doing the 90 day challenge. I didn't think either K or G could do it. It takes K an hour to read 20 pages in a normal book. I think it would take him twice that time to read the 12 pages of the Bible each day. Give Brighton a big hug for me!