Monday, January 25, 2010

A week without any scheduled doctor appts

It is great to start the week without having any doctor visits on the books. We only have vision therapy, physical therapy and OT scheduled for this week, along with a weight check and a visit for the developmental specialist with early childhood intervention. This is a slow week for us, hopefully it will stay this way! I even cancelled one of our appts with the eye doctor next week (I decided that he doesn't do anything that helps her, he just makes her cry and says to come back in a few months). My goal is to make sure that she gets great care, but that we weed out the things that just waste of our time or will make no difference in the long term. Another example of this is some of these doctors suggesting that we do a big run down blood work to try and discover what type of infection caused all this. This would be wonderful if we could time travel and treat it, but that is not an option. When I ask if it will change anything (treatment plan wise) if we knew, the answer is always no. So no sticks for the sweet baby! Life is too short for the things we don't need.
We hope to have a great week and just enjoy some great Texas weather.

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