Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Christmas Letter

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ - Jeremiah 29:11

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that each of you have had a wonderful 2009. It is hard to believe that we are at the end of another year and to look back and see how much has changed. For us, the past few months have been some of the hardest, but we are confident that God has a great plan for us and everything will work together for his glory.

Both Kelly and I are healthy and doing pretty well. Kelly has just recovered from sinus surgery and is glad to breathe well again. I was laid off the first week in December. I now feel that it is a blessing. I had been working as a medical liaison and I am looking forward to going back to the clinic and utilizing my nurse practitioner credentials. Brighton is ten and doing wonderful! He is making straight A’s and is now a red belt in Karate. Molly is the newest member of our family. She arrived on June 9th and has been beating the odds since then. We found out a few weeks before she arrived that she had severe hydrocephalus and did not know if she would survive to be delivered. She made it here in much better shape than the doctors expected and was taken to Children’s hospital to have neurosurgery. We are now waiting for that brain to repair itself and grow. We are also hoping that with time, her vision will improve and she will be able to see. Although each day has a number of challenges, she is beautiful and a gift.

This year has also brought challenges for both of our parents. My mother was diagnosed with a leiomyosarcoma in her leg the same week that we found out about Molly’s complications. She has had surgery, is undergoing chemotherapy and then will start radiation therapy. The good news is that her cancer has not spread, and that my parents have been in the DFW area while undergoing treatment. Kelly’s mother was also diagnosed with cancer several weeks after my mother, early stage breast. She is also getting the oncology special with, surgery, chemo and radiation therapy.

My brother and his family are all well and we are pleased to say much closer to us now. They moved to Wichita Falls this year and we know see them all more often!

God has truly been testing us this year and we ask that you keep us on your prayer list. Please pray for our renewal and strength, Brighton’s well-being, Molly’s growth and healing (we want the full miracle special), and our parent’s health and I guess I need to add the perfect job for me in 2010.

We have been so blessed with wonderful friends and a supportive family, along with our faith. It is all these that have helped us through these past few months. Thank you all and we love you.

Merry Christmas and hope to hear from you soon!

Kelly, Teresa, Brighton & Molly


  1. I'm glad you've started blogging! Let me know if there's any way I can help. If you design a pray for Molly button, I can do the code for you that includes a grab box so others can put the button on their blogs, too. You crack me up- you can't just relax and enjoy your time off can you? I'm the same way. I stay home, but I'm a compulsive blogger. Watch out, it's addictive :)

  2. So good to see you are blogging now Teresa. It really does help to put things down - it is a sort of a release for me. That must be why I'm feeling so bogged down, time to go blog.

    I continue to include your family in our prayers. It truly has been a difficult time for your family, but I know you all will persevere.