Friday, July 2, 2010

She has made it home!

Our sweet angel went to heaven at about 8 am this morning. She was very peaceful and we were able to all enjoy a beautiful sunrise. We held her and loved her until the end. Her journey is now complete and our continues. We know that she is whole and perfect. I know that she can see now! I know that she can eat now! I know that she can run, jump, crawl and move now! No more seizure! No more pain! Glory to God for all those things.

Thank you for all the prayers!


  1. You are amazing Teresa. You have gained a precious angel today who will be there to watch over your family for the rest of your days. I find great comfort in knowing that her pain is gone, and she can do all the things that she wasn't able to on this earth. I will see you tomorrow.

  2. Kelly and Family (hope you even remember me!) I only heard two days ago about Molly - Bright Light and wishes of love to you Family. What a blessing to have had Molly, I believe we are gifted with our children, tailor made for us. Be assured that Molly's light has shined into my life and that of my family; she has changed us, even though we did not have the honor of meeting her in person. Thank you for sharing her and your journey with the world. Molly makes us all better people. Be Strong and know Molly will never truly leave you (or any of us).
    Tracy Sherman-Savage
    Las Vegas NV

  3. There are so many things I want to say to you. However, words are so empty. I will listen when you are ready to talk. Molly's life was indeed a gift. You're words are perfect. Molly is perfect and whole, no more pain or suffering - for eternity! You are loved.

  4. Kelly, Teresa and Family
    Words can not express what I feel inside. I got to meet Molly and hold her. I can remember the cute socks she had on that look like shoes. As I write this, the word sunrise comes to mine. Her going home was in the morning and the sunrise is such a beautiful sight. In the mornings that you see the sunrise, the orange colors in the sky, know that Molly is part of that sunray smiling down on you because she had a family that loved her so much. May you find peace and comfort. Thanks for sharing your blog.
    Charlene Watson
    Amarillo, Texas

  5. I just found your blog...I am sooo sorry for your loss..

    But like you said she is not longer in any pain and can see and be free!

    My prayers are with your family at this difficult time...

  6. So true Katie..She is not longer in any pain..
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